Pugilistica.com General For Sale Consignment Agreement

Please print out this page and fill out the necessary information when sending in your consignments. Thank you.

Dave’s Classic Collectibles

David Bergin

27 South Eagle St.

Terryville, CT 06786


Phone# (860)-589-5286

e-maildavid@Pugilistica.com or david@BoxingTreasures.com

websiteswww.Pugilistica.com and www.BoxingTreasures.com



This agreement confirms that _________________________ (recognized as the “consignor”) has consigned to

Dave’s Classic Collectibles  (recognized as the “consignee”) merchandise for public sale:

Item #1 _______________________________________________________

Item #2 _______________________________________________________

Item #3 _______________________________________________________

Item #4 _______________________________________________________

Item #5 _______________________________________________________

Item #6 _______________________________________________________

Item #7 _______________________________________________________

Item #8 _______________________________________________________

Item #9 _______________________________________________________

Please add any additional items to a separate piece of paper.

The following conditions will constitute the agreement between the parties:

1. Lots described will be offered for sale on Pugilistica.com by the consignee for general sale.

2. Consignor guarantees full and clear title to all consigned items.

3. Consignee will be responsible for grading, describing and posting all items consigned as consignee sees fit.

4. Sale prices will be agreed upon by the consignee and the consignor. Initial offered sale prices may be changed with the approval of the consignor.

5. The following commision rates will be charged to the consignor by the consignee based on the final sell price of each item:

        19% of the first $750

        15% of any amount above $750 


6. Proceeds from the sale will be mailed to the consignor within a reasonable period of time after the point of the sale, pending payment by the buyer and the resolution of any claims arising from concerns over authenticity and/or condition. Normal procedure is about 21 days from the sale date.

7. If items do not sell the consignor may at any time request the return of listed items, shipped back at the consignors expense.

8. At any time the consignor may request a change in consignment format from Pugilistica.com (ex. Auction consignment), at which time the applicable consignment rates for that format will apply.

9. Items must be approved before they are sent to or offered for sale by Dave’s Classic Collectibles / Pugilistica.com.

10. Items are the responsibility of the consignor until they safely reach the consignee. On-line tracking and Insurance is encouraged for consignors sending items to Dave’s Classic Collectibles.


11. In addition, if the consignor chooses to keep possession of offered items until sale the following rules also apply:


11a. The consignor agrees to provide detailed and accurate scans / photos of the items to the consignee.

11b. When an item is requested by a customer the consignor agrees to promptly ship item to the consignee (Insured and with tracking information) for completion of the sale.

11c. The consignor agrees to inform the consignee (Dave’s Classic Collectible’s / Pugilistica.com) if the item is no longer available for sale for any reason whatsoever, so it may be removed from the website.


12. The consignor is to provide valid contact information below. For consignee use only. This information will not be passed to anybody else unless requested by the consignor.



Phone# -


E-Mail Address –


Name –


Mailing Address -








Consignor Signature: _____________________________________________________ Date: ___________



Please Print Name: ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­__________________________________________________________